San Francisco 49ers release first NFL team “It Gets Better” video

Today, the San Francisco 49ers became the first NFL team to join the international It Gets Better Project that tells LGBT youth the truth: life can stink, but things do indeed improve.

Watch 49ers players Ahmad Brooks, Ricky Jean Francois, Isaac Sopoaga, and Donte Whitner send the positive message that life does get better.

“The San Francisco 49ers are proud to join, to let all LGBT teens know that It Gets Better,” says Whitner as he and his teammates explain that life’s challenges make us who we are and that any difficulty we overcome together will make us a stronger person tomorrow.

I have to say, I love all of these videos but this one really gets me a bit.  Maybe because when I was struggling with my “self” and figuring out who I was as a teenager, my best friends were football players in high school.  Those two guys, John and David, always made me feel a part of the group even when we were around kids who bullied me and called me names.  Of course, that activity didn’t happen when John and David were around.  Not only were they popular, but they were also two big guys 🙂

Their friendship helped give me courage to figure myself out and  eventually be who I am.

I hope this video does that for some kids out there today.