Same-Sex Marriage To Begin Thursday In South Carolina After 4th Circuit Denies Stay

This Thursday at noon same-sex marriage will come to South Carolina now that the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the state’s request for a stay.

Last week, US District Judge Richard Mark Gergel struck down the ban. South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson filed an emergency stay request asking for the court’s order to be halted pending an appeal to the full Fourth Circuit.

The entirety of today’s 2 sentence order:

“Upon consideration of submissions relative to appellant’s motion for stay pending appeal, the court denies the motion and denies the alternate request for a temporary stay.

“Entered at the direction of the panel: Judge Traxler, Judge Motz, and Judge Thacker.”

Late Tuesday night Attorney General Alan Wilson headed to SCOTUS to file for an emergency stay on the ruling. It’s unlikely to happen though, so I’m still expecting marriage equality to come to South Carolina Thursday at noon.