Sam Arora targeted by Democrats & LGBT community after betrayal

Sam Arora targeted by Democrats & LGBT community after betrayal

Marriage equality passed in the Maryland House of Delegates, but just barely.  And not due to Del. Sam Arora.

And the LGBT community is definitely over Mr. Arora.

Why is this such an issue?

It’s not simply because he’s a Democrat. Arora campaigned as a progressive candidate and openly stated while campaigning that he was a supporter of same-sex civil marriage.

This resulted in support — including financial support — from the LGBT community and marriage equality advocates. Gays and those that support equal rights, including groups like Equality Maryland, endorsed Delegate Arora because he claimed to support the LGBT community.

He even went so far as to co-sponsor legislation that went to the Maryland House floor last year that could have brought marriage equality to the state. Then, strangely, he voted against it. He claimed that, in actuality, what he supported were civil unions.

Obviously that’s a different animal,  and that’s not what he stated during his campaign.

His constituents need to make sure they are not represented by a weasel who takes money from “supporters” and then turns his back on them.

History and the voters of Maryland will remember.