Salvation Army removes anti-gay groups from it’s website in effort to be more LGBT friendly

Salvation Army removes anti-gay groups from it’s website in effort to be more LGBT friendly

The Salvation Army had recently launched a new campaign to combat it’s long reputation for being anti-gay. Wayne Besen, at Truth Wins Out, called for a boycott on charity until the organization removes all anti-LGBT materials from its website, starting with two “ex-gay” ministries that are listed as sexual addiction resources.

In a press release, Besen wrote “While we appreciate The Salvation Army’s recent outreach to the LGBT community, we won’t settle for cheap spin, we insist on substance.  If The Salvation Army is truly committed to non-discrimination, it will immediately eliminate these “ex-gay” groups as resources, and scrub its entire website of all anti-gay materials.”

Well, hours later it appears The Salvation Army has done exactly that and removed the two organizations, Harvest USA and Pure Life Ministries, from the Salvation Army website.

Their letter to Truth Wins Out reads in part:

We sincerely appreciate you bringing this matter to our attention. As you know, The Salvation Army strives to live out our mission of meeting human need without discrimination. Our doors are always open to anyone who seeks our help, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation. We simply do not discriminate against the people we serve or the people we hire.

We have removed the page of referrals for sexual addiction centers. Truthfully this was an old page that had been archived but was reposted when we launched our new website last month. We apologize for our oversight and any confusion this may have caused. The Salvation Army does not consider homosexual orientation a sin. Please know that we serve anyone who comes to our doors without discrimination.

Bravo Wayne Besen and Truth Wins Out!