Safeway fires employee for calling customers ‘faggots’

Safeway fires employee for calling customers ‘faggots’

Safeway has terminated the employee who called a gay couple “faggots” as they waited to make purchases at the grocery chain’s 1100 4th St. SW store on Saturday, June 11.

In a statement issued to Metro Weekly Thursday evening, June 16, Craig Muckle, manager of public affairs and public relations at Safeway’s Eastern Division said the incident, involving a cashier named Deangelah, Jason Morgan and his partner Brendan Harrington, was “personally offensive” to him.

“This goes against everything we believe and practice in terms of serving and welcoming our customers, and in being a part of the diverse communities we are privileged to serve,” his statement reads.

“We are at a loss to explain how one of our employees, even one who has been on the job for less than a month, could consider this kind of behavior to be acceptable. The employee has been terminated.”

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