Ryan Kwanten’s new ad for surf wear Mambo

Ryan Kwanten’s new ad for surf wear Mambo
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Check out this sneak peek of Ryan Kwanten in Mambo’s upcoming 2012 ad campaign!

The 35-year-old True Blood hunk serves as “Mambassador” for the Australian surf and streetwear brand, which will be sold in the States starting this spring at Bon-Ton stores and BonTon.com.

“Money has never been a huge inspiration for me. I love playing [my True Blood character] for the six months of the year that I shoot it, but when I’m done shooting it I’m looking for another challenge, something that’s going to take me outside that box I feel comfortable in,” Ryan recently told the Daily Telegraph.

“Whether I fall on my feet or fall on my arse, I dunno,” he added. “You’ve got to take those risks.”

As for what fans can expect in the fifth season of the hit HBO vampire series, “If you figured we were controversial already, this is going to blow it off the hinges. It’s going to touch on a lot of fiery topics.”