Romney: ‘I’m concerned about the poor’

Romney: ‘I’m concerned about the poor’

From NBC News: Campaigning in South Carolina, Mitt Romney today sidestepped the criticism he’s received for his tenure at Bain Capital, and instead praised the free-market system in which it operated.

“I will work to get good jobs back,” Romney said. “And a lot of people talk about how we create jobs — by the way, it is not to walk away from free enterprise; it is not to say that there is something wrong with the free-market system, no it is instead to hold fast to that system and make it work for the American people.”

Earlier today, the Obama campaign released a memo ripping Romney for deflecting criticism of his record at Bain onto the free market.

“Free enterprise’ isn’t running for president, Mitt Romney is,” the memo from Obama campaign strategist Stephanie Cutter read, in part. “And voters deserve straight answers about his record, so they can know how his perspective would influence his decisions and actions if he were president of the United States.”

NBC’s Domenico Montanaro reported, based on the Tax Policy Center’s analysis, the wealthy would benefit most from Romney tax plan and the poor would effectively see a tax increase.