Robert Brown, former lead singer of Bearforce1, releases new track remixed by Cahill

New from Robert Brown, the former lead singer of Bearforce1, comes this video “Love In The Shadows” remixed by world famous Cahill.

Bearforce1 was a dance music band, in the campy style of Village People, from the Netherlands with four gay members. At a time when smooth boy band images were the norm, Bearforce1 featured furry, fun, masc bears. Bearforce1 was unapologetic about showing-off hairy, bearded band members shaking their moneymakers with their shirts off.

After disbanding in 2009, Brown decided to set out on a solo career.

Now known as Circuit21, Brown and company’s new album EVENTUALLY is set to be released this summer.

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The original “Bearforce1” video from 2007 which garnered over 3 million views: