Robbie Rogers talks to MTV about coming out

Robbie Rogers recently visited the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center, where he chatted with MTV Act  about his decision to come out publicly.

Hearing homophobic rantings when he was young, not directed towards him, made coming out seem like something he’d never do. However, after he told his family last October via Skype, he describes coming out as “the best feeling” he’s ever had.

“Now for the first time in my life, everything’s normal”

Rogers also talked about activism, saying that everyone has reached out to him to tie his name to different charities. He said he “wanted to do something that is bigger than homophobia and bigger than sports.”

With his new motivational campaign, Beyond It, Rogers plans to move “beyond” stereotypes in homophobia, sexism, disabilities, and racism. Beyond It will launch at the end of July.

The athlete also shared that he thinks opponents of marriage equality and allowing openly gay men to serve as leaders in the Boy Scouts will soon be embarrassed about their opinions. Watch him discuss below.

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(via Queerty)