Rick Santorum’s daughter: “I have gay friends who support” my father

Rick Santorum’s daughter: “I have gay friends who support” my father

Well, how galling.

You could almost imagine the above quote coming from the LGBT community.  Basically, to conservatives, you can imagine gays and lesbians saying ‘we all want to live our lives; let’s not make everyone live according to someone else’s ideas of morality and values.  This is America.’

And yet – you have the daughter of ultra-conservative Rick Santorum giving ‘permission’ to the LGBT community to ‘live the way they want’ but gays shouldn’t ‘project’ our values even as her father ‘projects’ HIS discriminatory values to make sure gays and lesbians don’t have equal rights.

Rick Santorum recently said in an interview that “same-sex couples can contract for everything” except government benefits.” That “exception” includes any federal recognition and the over 1,100 rights that come with that recognition. How kind.

In the above referenced interview – in almost the same breath – Elizabeth Santorum says “she has gay friends who support her father’s candidacy based on his economic and family platforms.”

Oh really? I’d really like to meet these ‘gay friends.’

To be honest, I don’t believe they exist. What kind of self-loathing person supports a man who says you don’t deserve they same rights HE has? In the United States of America?

What person says “well, I really support his economic policy because money is more important to me than self-worth?” Who says “I like Rick Santorum because even though he doesn’t want MY family to be recognized as a family, I think he’s great…?”

I go back to the beginning of my post.  How galling.