Rhode Island: Civil Unions bill passes out of committee

Rhode Island: Civil Unions bill passes out of committee

The Rhode Island house judiciary committee advanced a bill Tuesday that would allow same-sex couples to enter into civil unions, clearing the way for a house vote on the measure Thursday.

The committee approved the bill by a 9 to 3 vote.

“The bill would allow gay couples to enter into civil unions granting all of the rights and benefits given to married couples under Rhode Island law, but stops short of sanctioning marriage. The proposal was introduced as a compromise after legislative leaders said gay marriage legislation lacked the votes to pass this year,” reports the AP.

However, marriage equality advocates, unhappy about the second-class status conferred by civil unions, plan to make a last-minute push to replace the bill with a proposal to grant full marriage rights. Antigay critics, such as the National Organization for Marriage, also oppose the bill because they consider civil unions a stepping stone to granting marriage equality.

House speaker Gordon Fox, who is gay, decided to back civil unions last month after he determined the votes were not there to pass the measure in the legislature. The speaker, who has been heavily criticized by marriage equality advocates, defended his decision in a separate interview with the Associated Press.

“‘I believe they have a higher expectation of me,’ Fox said, because of his sexual orientation,” according to the AP. “‘I think it’s also people that want this badly, that may not understand the process as much.’”
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