Rev. Carlye Hughes to be installed as new rector of Trinity Episcopal Church in Fort Worth

Rev. Carlye Hughes to be installed as new rector of Trinity Episcopal Church in Fort Worth

I am not a regular churchgoer.  I am a spiritual person, but not religious.  But I believe in good things that make people feel better.  Among the many, many other things that make me proud of my beautiful best friend Carlye – I’ve always been proud of the work and difference she makes as an Episcopal priest.

When I visit Carlye I always attend her service because she’s excellent at what she does.  And I love excellence. 

The word communion comes up in Episcopal services.  And when it does, it makes me think of “community.” “Community” makes me think of family.  “Family” makes me think of Carlye.  And completing the circle – everywhere Carlye goes, she creates community.

I’m thrilled for my hometown of Fort Worth, TX.  The announcement was made today that Carlye will be the new Rector of Trinity Episcopal Church in Fort Worth – where Carlye and I are both from.  

I hear, and am not surprised, that her selection was unanimous.  Who doesn’t want an MVP on their team?  Or in their community?

Sharing the announcement because I’m so happy for her.  And btw – the Rev. Hughes will be the first female African-American Rector in the Fort Worth Diocese.  Check out her credentials in the release below. 

Yeah – I don’t hang with slackers…  🙂


The vestry of Trinity Episcopal Church announces that the Rev. Carlye J. Hughes has been called as the 18th rector of Trinity Episcopal Church. Founded in 1893, Trinity is one of the oldest parishes in the diocese.

She is currently rector of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Peekskill, NY, in the Episcopal Diocese of New York. Under her leadership St. Peter’s Church has grown from a family-sized church to robust pastoral-sized parish with a team of lay leaders. Stewardship levels in the parish increased by 50 percent.

“We are convinced that the Rev. Hughes is the answer to God’s call to us for a faithful servant who will minister to us and with us for years to come,” said Senior Warden Jerry Nanna. “She clearly has the gifts of preaching, teaching, and pastoral care we were looking for to lead us into the future life of Trinity.”

The Rev. Hughes has deep roots in Fort Worth. “Fort Worth is my home town, the place where I first discovered my love of the church and my call to religious vocation,” she said.

The Rev. Hughes graduated from Virginia Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity and was ordained in 2005. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Drama from the University of Texas, Austin. She attended Texas Christian University and Boston University. She was a Lilly Fellow at St. James Church, New York, NY from 2005 to 2007. Prior to entering seminary she worked as regional training manager for the Crown Plaza Manhattan. She co-chaired the Committee to Elect a Bishop for the Episcopal Diocese of New York. She is a current member of the New York Diocesan Standing Committee and the Commission on Ministry. She also served as Diocesan Convention Chaplain in 2008. She is active in the Peekskill Area Pastor’s Association, working on their Hunger Subcommittee and chaired the Diversity Subcommittee. She also has facilitated Diversity Awareness Training for Virginia Theological Seminary. She is married to David Smedley.

“I have a steadfast commitment to recruiting, nurturing and empowering lay people for ministry,” she said.

The Rt. Rev. Wallis Ohl, provisional bishop of Fort Worth, said, “I am delighted with the prayerful way that the Succession Committee at Trinity Parish has exercised its ministry throughout their search. I am also thankful for the vestry in electing the Rev. Carlye Hughes as their next rector. The Rev. Hughes will bring her incredible gifts and joyful personality to the work of continuing to develop the ministry of Trinity in new and exciting ways.”

She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hughes. Her father was the long-time basketball coach at Dunbar High School and her brother, Robert Hughes Jr., is the current coach.