Results from Ipsos/Reuters poll – Obama leads GOP challengers

From an Ipsos poll conducted for Reuters from September 8th through 12th, 2011.  1,134 adults aged 18 and older across the United States was interviewed by Ipsos via live telephone interviewing on landlines and cell phones.

Key findings include:

President Obama received a small bump up in approval ratings after his recent jobs speech. His approval rating climbed two points to 47% approve after hitting 45% in August.

The closest competitor President Obama currently has is Mitt Romney, currently at a 6 point deficit among registered voters (49% Obama, 43% Romney). The other Republican challengers continue to have larger margins to surmount (all among registered voters):

  • Ron Paul is down 7 points (49 Obama to 42 Paul)
  • Rick Perry is down 8 points (50 Obama to 42 Perry)
  • Huntsman is down 14 points (51 Obama to 37 Huntsman)
  • Michelle Bachmann is down 18 points (54 Obama to 36 Bachmann)