Reno Gold Shares Tales Of Living Life As A Prosti-Dude

OnlyFans personality Reno Gold is sharing stories of his days as a male escort via his YouTube channel. “I tell it how it was, but through a comedic lens.”

“I’m sharing my stories to give people a realistic look into the average life of a full-time sex worker,” he explains. “The stories are just way too entertaining for me to keep to myself.”

Gold began his career in the sex industry while still a senior in high school. “I started dancing at local strip clubs,” he reveals, “and quickly found my way to escorting. A stripper is barely scraping by if he’s not escorting,” he continues.

Reno Gold Shares Tales Of Living Life As A Prosti-Dude
Some clients would light candles to “set the mood” says Gold

Today, Gold says he pulls in $100,000 a month through his OnlyFans page: “OnlyFans is safer, more convenient, and has allowed me the opportunity to settle down and live a more balanced life.”

While he says he will never escort again, he admits it was an interesting time in his life and, in the end, he realizes that sex workers are no different from everyone else. “In business, everyone whores themselves out in some sense.”

Don’t worry – Gold doesn’t get graphic in his storytelling and it’s mainly framed with a sense of humor.