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“Relentlessly Gay” Yard Owner Raises Almost $40K In Three Days

Earlier this week I wrote about Baltimore resident Julie Baker who was informed via anonymous note that her front yard was becoming “relentlessly gay.”

Updating that story, it seems that Ms. Baker’s story resonated with a LOT of folks who enjoy the “relentlessly gay.” So much so that her GoFundMe campaign – which began with a goal of $5,000 has raised nearly $40,000 in only three days!

Plus, she received a note from another neighbor thanking her for the spirit of the yard and left a unicorn to boot!

“My name is Sarah,,” the note reads. “I’ve been your neighbor for 31 years, and I have always appreciated you yard. Here’s a rainbow for you.”

Click here to see more “relentlessly gay” facts about the story.

(h/t The Gaily Grind)