Radio Show: Aaron Baldwin On The Last Days Of Election 2016

As the election cycle nears the very end of a long, long journey, check out my radio show this week with political activist Aaron Baldwin.

Aaron has been a guest on my show throughout the past year, and he’s definitely that guy you gravitate to at a party when the topic is politics. Way smart, he has thousands of folks who follow him on Facebook for his up to the minute posts. And, a character trait near and dear to my heart, he speaks his very-educated mind.

Show description:

Well-known LGBTQ political activist Aaron Baldwin shares his thoughts on the final days of Election 2016:

• Will the latest news from the FBI regarding Hillary Clinton’s emails change the race? The Comey comments gave her an $11.5 million windfall in it’s aftermath.

• Donald Trump’s legal scandals continue to add up as a “private server” has been found that shows a connection between Trump and a Russian bank, Trump’s connections to Russian energy resources, plus the Trump University lawsuit goes to court soon.

• Predictions! Who will win? And by how much?