Queer Short Film: “Authentic”

Queer Short Film: “Authentic”

For a bit of #ThrowbackThursday, I bring you the short film, Authentic, which debuted in 2012.

The short film explores a bachelor’s pursuit of happiness. Or, is it his avoidance of it?

The official description from the creative team of director Manuel R. Mota & producer Aytac N. Turkay:

Aaron is a bachelor living a stereotypical life with a decent earning. He works in a bank, managing people’s finances, but he has trouble to manage his own life in late 20’s. Whenever he finds a minute of privacy in his day, he hastily delves into his own fabricated reality: a world of excessive sex, pornography, and masturbation. However, this is a manifestation of his feelings of intense lack of connection (Anorexia-Avoidance) and the loneliness around him.

One day Aaron meets a new neighbor and establishes a connection. This moment lights a spark inside that grows, opening a door to achieve the emotional and physical satisfaction he was longing.
Is Aaron ready to give up his comfort zone?

“Authentic” is a portrait of a person desperately trying to find meaning in the compulsive pursuit of climax. In his quest for satisfaction he either doesn’t see his real desires or ignores it deliberately?

After the film’s premiere in December 2012, Authentic was well-received on the film festival circuit with Mota receiving Best Director honors at the 17th Sydney Film School Festival. The short also was won the Audience Award for favorite short.

Watch below. Warning: adult content/NSFW.

(h/t NewNowNext)