Queer Film: Award-Winning “Kiss Me, Kill Me”

The award-winning queer film noir Kiss Me, Kill Me is now available on DVD and VOD.


Starring as Dusty, four-time Emmy nominee Van Hansis (“As the World Turns” and “EastSiders) blacks out while confronting his cheating boyfriend, Stephen, played by gay icon Gale Harold (“Queer as Folk”). When Dusty comes to, Stephen was murdered and he’s the prime suspect.

With plot twists and turns to keep you guessing, the film also stars a colorful collection of characters, many of whom might have their own reasons for wanting Stephen dead.

Director Casper Andreas had this to say about working on the slick flick:

“I have always enjoyed a good who-done-it. Growing up, I was a huge fan of both Agatha Christie novels and suspense thrillers, so when screenwriter David Michael Barrett sent me the script for KISS ME, KILL ME, I got very excited. Not only was this a bona-fide murder mystery, it was centered in a world I am very familiar with – gay West Hollywood.

“One of the things I loved most about the script was that it wasn’t a spoof of a thriller; it was the real thing. It also didn’t take itself too seriously, and even had characters commenting on the outrageous events, often balancing them with humor.”

I enjoy when a movie comes at you from a very specific point of view and style, and Andreas brings the “noir,” albeit with a light touch. It’s not until the last ten minutes of the film that the suspense and sense of danger gets you on the edge of your seat.

It’s great to see Gale Harold in a gay project again, this being his first since his work on “Queer As Folk.” He’s a strong anchor to the film. And Kit Williamson (“Eastsiders”) turns in a strong performance as Dusty’s bestie.

Kudos to composer Jonathan Dinerstein for his evocative original score, which lands right in the sweet spot for the film.