Pumped For The Holiday Weekend + More InstaHunks

Nathan is pumped for the  holiday
Nathan is pumped for the holiday

Sharing some favorite Instagrams from the week beginning with Nathan, who’s clearly pumped up for July 4th.

Carter and Alex got engaged:

Austin and Ryan found some balls to play with:

Jim Newman and Rodrigo were down for some down time on Fire Island:

Footballer Ahmed took “chilling” to a new level:

Firefighter Logan kept up his tan:

Josh paused for a picnic in the park. Swipe for the artful video clip.

Garic wasn’t sure if he wants to be a superhero or supervillain:

Out pro wrestler Anthony Bowens covered TwentySix Magazine:

Thai was hard at work on Monday:

Ian Parks showed off his front side:

Adhamm took a leather approach to London Pride…

…while Dave Rich rode the rainbow wave in London…

…and Duncan and Rodrigo got their Pride on in onesies:

Karlitos celebrated Pride in Madrid with the masses…

…while Hamza enjoyed the Madrid festivities from a bird’s eye view: