Progress on DADT Repeal

Progress on DADT Repeal

In a memo released Friday, the Pentagon outlined plans for the steps being taken to repeal DADT, and it seems to be moving in a fairly decent pace.

Reports say high level Pentagon officials are meeting every two weeks to gauge progress and potential problems. “The conditions on the ground would dictate how fast we go,” Stanley said at the Pentagon briefing. “To even imply that we have a target to do it by this date would be a misnomer. In essence we are going to move responsibly, quickly but deliberately as we go through the process.” Training will be extensive and the changes will take place at the same time in all branches of the military, according to Defense Sec. Gates.

However, full equality will be hampered by conflicting laws still on the books. Due to the Defense of Marriage Act, the military is forbidden to extend many of the same benefits other married couples have available to same sex couples, such as housing allowances, medical care, travel and other privileges.

This is just one more good reason to abolish DOMA as it creates inequality for many of our men and women in the armed forces. If you can put your life on the line for your country, you should have the same rights and privileges as all soldiers. If marriage, as many argue, is a “state’s rights” issue, then the Federal government shouldn’t have laws on the books like DOMA that have a Federal reach.

The Pentagon has said it’s possible all military privileges could be extended to same sex couples in the future. We’ll have to keep an eye out for news on that.