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Prince Harry Accepts Posthumous Award On Behalf Of Princess Diana For Her Work During The AIDS Crisis

Prince Harry

Earlier this week, Prince Harry became the first royal to accept an award from a gay magazine.

At the Attitude Awards, Harry showed up to accept a posthumous Attitude Legacy Award on behalf of his deceased mother, Princess Diana, Princess of Wales.

Following in his mother’s footsteps, the Prince has actively campaigned on HIV/AIDS issues, while also praising the “amazing” work of a transgender children’s charity.

From Pink News:

Many in the gay community held a special affinity with the Princess, in part due to her work during the AIDS crisis.

During the AIDS crisis Princess Diana made many visits both officially and unofficially – and famously shook hands with a patient at the height of HIV stigma.

The charity named in her honour, The Diana Award, also works to tackle homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying.

The Prince has adopted HIV as one of his key campaigning issues, visiting a number of HIV clinics, attending the International AIDS Conference in South Africa, and speaking about his late mother’s work on the issue.

Last year the Prince made headlines by taking a HIV test himself in a Facebook Live video earlier this month, in an appeal for more people to get tested.

The Prince said of his mother: “She started very punchy [on AIDS].

“She smashed the stigma around HIV on more than one occasion. It had a huge impact, and a huge impact on my life as well.”

Prince Harry added: “I don’t consciously channel myself down certain avenues specifically because I think my mum would be proud. But she sure as hell would be proud of me, hopefully, that I’m doing it.”

He explained: “If you’re not going to get tested for yourself and you’re not going to go and get tested for your loved ones that you could possibly infect, then… I don’t know if it’s a selfish thing to say or not, but if you respect what my mother stood for, go and get tested for her.

“It’s 20 years next year since she died, and 30 years ago she was in this hospital [HIV clinic Mildmay] and she did something that no-one else had ever done before.

“If she were still here today, she would probably get tested every month, just to prove a point.”

The annual Attitude Awards are dedicated to honoring those who inspire, advance change, make LGBT lives better, influence and entertain. For the sixth year, funds raised at the event benefited the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Lots of big celebrities turned out for the event including Kylie Minogue, Nyle DiMarco, Laverne Cox, Sam Smith, Tom Daley, Harry Judd, Mel C and many more.

Watch Prince Harry’s acceptance speech at the Attitude Awards below.