Pride Music: Rayvon Owens “Volume”

Having come out with his earlier release, "Can't Fight It," the follow-up single from Rayvon Owen, "Volume," revealed the artist in full-on authentic mode.
Photo credit: Shannon Bray

Having come out with his earlier release, “Can’t Fight It,” the follow-up single from Rayvon Owen, “Volume,” revealed the artist in full-on authentic mode.

Owen says the process of writing “Volume” was healing for him as it became an anthem of self-encouragement and reminded him “to stay true to who I was.”

Owen told OUT at the time:

“Like most everyone, I have experienced many highs and lows this past year.

“While I feel I have come a long way, I still sometimes fall short and don’t always believe in myself in the way I should. Coming out and accepting myself for who I am was one of the most liberating and life-changing experiences for me. While my confidence has grown, I am still human and am still learning to love the person I am — flaws and all — more and more every day.”

Growing up in the conservative South, the top-four American Idol finalist found it difficult to do just that when the time came to come out.

“I was so afraid, being from the South and being black and coming from a more conservative area and growing up in an environment that is not very conducive to being gay or even questioning your sexuality,” says Owen.

Nevertheless, the outpouring of support from his fans was overwhelming – “I would get a message from someone who would say this helped me come out to my parents, or saved me from taking my life. And it’s just like- ok, this is worth it.”

In addition to making beautiful music, Owen also spends time working with LGBT organisations like The Trevor Project, Human Rights Campaign and POINT Foundation.

With his silky smooth, effortless vocals paired with a penchant for raw emotion, he’s definitely someone to keep your eye (and ear) on. I’m sent new music every day and “Volume” is one of the first in a long time I hit repeat several times on first listen.

Check out “Volume” below, and you can find more of Rayvon’s music on SoundCloud.