President Obama at Human Rights Campaign Dinner 2011

President Obama begins speaking at the 9:20 mark.

I think it was a good speech. Considering he spoke for 20 minutes, he listed accomplishments, hit future goals and fired up the base for the election ahead.

I think there’s a reality to what can be done in a single speech and in a single term. He’s done more than any other American President for the LGBT community.

I know many would like to see more done – as do I – but I also have a sense of reality in an election year how much will or can get done. With the GOP candidates running so far to the right, Obama needs to move to the center to hold on to the independent voters as well as his base in the Democrat party.

I also believe that a 2nd term President Obama will be a different President than a 1st term President Obama. These are political realities. With the experience of four years, plus the lack of pressure regarding re-election I honestly believe President Obama will press harder on many of the issues that concern the LGBT community.

Revolution often represents quick changes that don’t last, while evolution can be slow changes that do last.

I had a few “conversations” tonight after the speech, and while others kept saying we have to keep “pushing” Obama – and I agree with “keep pushing” – there’s a point where it becomes a negative if all the LGBT community does is bitch and complain about what President Obama hasn’t done for us. Push – but know there are political realities.

Thank you for what you’ve done for us President Obama. Please keep moving forward.