Pre-order Olivia Newton-John’s “Gaia” from Amazon

Pre-order Olivia Newton-John’s “Gaia” from Amazon

Olivia Newton-John’s CD “Gaia: One Woman’s Journey” is now available for pre-order through Amazon for a February 28th release date.

A lot of people had the impression this CD was more along the lines of “New Age” music, but it’s really terrific pop music. Strong vocals and great lyrics make this a terrific CD in my opinion.

Listen to a sample of “Not Gonna Give In To It” from the CD:

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From Olivia about “Gaia: One Woman’s Journey”: “I am so delighted that this very personal album has finally been released in North America. I wrote all of the songs on this CD in 1992 on my farm in Australia, after completing treatment for breast cancer.”

“Every song reflects that experience – my raw emotions and feelings and my close connection to Mother Earth, Gaia. I am so grateful that now, almost twenty years later, I am extremely healthy and that I have been blessed with the opportunity to meet and be inspired by so many wonderful people – fellow cancer thrivers – thank you for sharing your experiences with me!”

You can find more info about the CD by clicking here. I think you’ll like 🙂