Possible GOP support for marriage equality in NY

Possible GOP support for marriage equality in NY

Seven or more Senate Republicans have signaled Gov. Cuomo that they’re ready to legalize same-sex marriage, more than enough to put the controversial and historic measure over the top this week, The NY Post has learned.

A highly knowledgeable Senate insider said yesterday that “far more of the [GOP] members are in play than anyone realizes, including some surprising names from conservative upstate areas.”

Influences contributing to the changes of heart are secret Republican polls showing majority support for gay marriage in key swing districts and the strong possibility that the GOP could lose control of the Senate next year to Democrats campaigning on the issue, sources said.

But despite the growing support, passage of same-sex marriage remains uncertain at the start of the final full week of the legislative session.

This all sounds promising, however, I prefer to remain optimistic but cautious. This has happened before and the LGBT community has had the rug pulled out from under it.

A vote could come up this week.

UPDATE: Sen Alesi became the first (R) to announce that he’ll vote for the marriage bill. We’re two votes away. Stay tuned. Sen. Alesi is very important as the votes are done alphabetically. If he starts out voting ‘yes’ it could mean other will follow.