Possible amendment to Maryland Marriage Equality Bill

Possible amendment to Maryland Marriage Equality Bill

Evidence of just how close the votes look to be on the marriage equality bill in Maryland, leaders in the House of Delegates are considering a “friendly” amendment to the bill that would broaden the intended protections for churches and religious organizations.

Until now, House leaders have sought to resist amendments as that would require sending the bill back to the state Senate. With no amendments, the bill can go directly to the governor’s desk for signing.

From the Washington Post: The amendment, sought by Del. John A. Olszewski Jr., would tweak language intended to provide protections to religious organizations whose beliefs are not compatible with same-sex marriage.

As it stands, the bill says that religious organizations that oppose same-sex marriage are not required to engage in a range of activities related to “the promotion of marriage, through religious programs, counseling, educational courses, summer camps, and retreats, in violation of the entity’s religious beliefs.”

Olszewski’s amendment would cut the specific examples contained in the provision, in hopes of broadening the intended protections.