‘Pose’ Star Dominque Jackson Speaks Out Against Companies Exploiting Pride Month

‘Pose’ Star Dominque Jackson Speaks Out Against Companies Exploiting Pride Month
(photo: Pari Dukovic)

In an Instagram video, Pose star Dominique Jackson told her fans she is not down with corporate America exploiting Pride and the LGBTQ community in lame attempts to appear “inclusive.”

She had been invited by brand Coach to speak at their Pride Ball — but in communicating with her, the actress was misgendered by the company.

Jackson took her story to Instagram speaking out against the company and their misrepresentation of support for the LGBTQ+ community.

“So, happy Pride, everyone, I hope you guys have been watching and enjoying Pose.

“But, you know, as we’re doing something like this, a lot of stuff comes by, and that is that a lot of companies join in on the Pride celebration to show they’re all-inclusive when they’re really not. They don’t research us. They don’t understand us. They don’t attempt to comprehend us.

“So, Coach, contacted me and asked me to come in and tell my life story. You’re gonna be a part of this, it’s gonna be great, it’s for Coach.

“They offered nothing. Not a car ride. Nothing. Not a pocketbook. Nothing. Then one of their representatives contacts me to invite me to something called their ’Pride Ball’ and misgendered me! Like–you didn’t do your research. You’re not following the true stories of the LGBTQ community, ’cause you would know that a woman like myself should never be misgendered.

“It’s so insulting. And, I don’t even think I want to ever use your products or buy your products ever again! I’m going to Louis (Vuitton).”

Here’s the video:

Coach attempted to apologize on Twitter: