Poll: Trump Tops GOP Hopefuls But Fares Worst Against Hillary Clinton

There’s good and bad news for Donald Trump in the latest USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll.

While Trump has surged 6 points since the June poll, putting him on top of the current field of GOP presidential hopefuls, the survey also shows that he is the weakest competitor in regard to Democrat Hillary Clinton.

In a hypothetical matchup, Trump loses to Clinton by 17 points (51%-34%), while former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush trails by only four points nationwide, 46%-42%.

The other five top GOP contenders also do better than Trump with Sen. Marco Rubio trailing Clinton by 6 points; former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee by 8 points; Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker by 9 points; Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul by 10 points; and neurosurgeon Ben Carson by 13 points.

Poll results also show Trump has a huge deficit in term of unfavorable/favorable impression – 61% of those surveyed have an unfavorable impression of him, 23% hold a favorable one. That means a net-negative rating of 38 points. Jeb Bush’s favorable-unfavorable rating is 35%-42%.

USA TODAY’s Susan Page also notes that while many of the other Republicans in the race are still introducing themselves to the American people, Trump’s name recognition is already high. This indicates that he may not have much more room to rise in the polls.