Poll: 64% Of Americans Would Support Govt Vaccine Mandate

A new survey conducted by The COVID States Project shows almost two-thirds of Americans say they’d support federal, state or local governments requiring everyone to get a coronavirus vaccine.

From Axios:

• 64% of respondents said in June or July that they’d support government vaccine requirements, a slight bump up from 62% in April or May

• 70% said they’d support vaccine requirements to get on an airplane

• 61% support requiring children to be vaccinated to go to school

• 66% support requiring college students to be vaccinated to attend a university

A majority of nearly every demographic said they’d support vaccine requirements with one exception – only 45% of Republicans said they approve of such mandates.

Majorities in all states said they support vaccination requirements except in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

There aren’t any ‘blanket mandates’ being proposed at this time. Instead, while some vaccine mandates have been announced by corporate or government entities, there are options to being vaccinated like getting tested on a regular basis.