PinkDot 2013 Brings It Home

From the PinkDot official website:

Singapore, June 29, 2013 – Marking its milestone fifth edition, Pink Dot tonight saw an unprecedented 21,000 families, friends andmembers of Singapore’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community, taking a stand in support of the Freedom to Love. Carpeting Speaker’s Corner at Hong Lim Park with a profusion of pink lights from torches and mobile phones, this was the strongest-yet turnout, with 6,000 more participants compared to last year’s 15,000.

Pink Dot Sg is a non-profit movement started by a group of individuals who care deeply about the place that LGBT Singaporeans call home. It is a group for everyone, straight and gay, who support the belief that everyone deserves the freedom to love. With openness and acceptance, we hope to bring LGBT Singaporeans closer to their family and friends.

(h/t JMG)