Pink closes spectacular “Truth About Love” tour in Las Vegas

Three-time Grammy Award winner and uber-talent Pink closed her incredible “The Truth About Love” tour in Las Vegas last night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, and I was invited to go!

This is where I get all “fan boy” because I’m a big, big fan of Pink – her music, her passion, her authenticity AND her support for the LGBT community.

I had heard from several friends that this was the BEST concert they had ever seen. And now I know why.

From her first entrance, high above the stage, where she bungie bounced while singing “Raise Your Glass” to the acoustic version of “F**kin Perfect” downstage near the audience, to the amazing aerial sequence for “Sober,” to her “Peter Pan on steriods” finale that had her literally flying over the entire arena and audience – this was an incredible event. That’s all I can call the show because “concert” doesn’t feel like it’s encompasses what happened on the stage (or above it).

Michael and I attended with Olivia Newton-John, who is a big fan of Pink. So we got to say ‘hello’  before the show. It was wild to be in the same room with these two hyper-talented artists.

If you haven’t checked out her latest CD, multi-Grammy-nominated “The Truth About Love,” GO GET IT!

The DVD of this concert was just released two weeks ago.  Check it out on Amazon and watch the show I just got to see.  You’ll be blown away.

Backstage everyone has to have some sort of ID.  This was mine!  Squee!

Backstage before the show

Olivia Newton-John, Michael, Pink and I
Backstage before the concert, one fabulous blond says ‘hello’ to another fabulous blond.
And I mean Olivia and Pink, not me 🙂

Ran into an old friend.  The hallways backstage are lined with portraits of the big stars who have played there.  Had to stop and take a pic with Miss Vanessa Williams 🙂

Tickets ready! Heading into the MGM Grand Garden Arena

Pink doing bungie drops while singing opening song “Raise Your Glass”
The production design and staging were fantastic. And those words aren’t enough to express the fabulousity.

The first time she came downstage

Flying/aerial sequence while singing first half of “Try”

Another famous blond, who is a big fan of Pink, was in the house and loving it.

My favorite Pink song – “F**kin Perfect”

I tried to zoom in but iPhones don’t play well with spotlights