Patrick and Scott tie the knot

With so much attention this past weekend on the Kim Kardashian wedding (where one news person referred to the couple as “our American royalty” and I gagged) I wanted to post this truly beautiful and moving video about a gay wedding that happened, like many weddings, without a lot of fanfare except for those involved.

It’s beautifully shot, framed and edited; and it really captures the honest emotions of what happens on what is, for many of us, the most important day in our lives.  Not millions of dollars, not lots of hype or press.  Just the honest emotion of two people.

Patrick and Scott’s wedding was beautifully shot by John Hoel, who writes:
“It was truly a day I’ll never forget and I was so honored to have captured it. Elizabeth couldn’t have put it more eloquently during the ceremony, ‘When our law lags behind, people continue to live their truth and create their own version of a family, and this is what Patrick and Scott are deciding to do today.’

I completely relate to so much of this video. When Michael and I were first married in Toronto in October 2003, the things I remember most were getting dressed, walking to the Toronto courthouse, fixing each other’s ties, holding hands while exchanging vows and the incredible weight and importance of the moment.

We married again in Palm Springs, CA, in October 2008 (we are one of the 18,000 couples who got to keep our married status) and again the same things stick with me: getting dressed, waiting for the mayor to marry us, being in the moment as we exchanged vows.

It’s a very powerful day of emotion that I never thought I’d experience. And much of my passion for marriage equality is based on how I was affected by getting married and what it meant to us.

With all due respect to Ms. Kardashian, this video comes much closer to what “marriage” is about to me.

Patrick and Scott tie the knot
Michael and I getting married in Toronto – October 17, 2003