Pastor Phil Kidd on the Baptist Church circuit

Mississippi televangelist Pastor Phil Kidd is touring Baptist churches all over the nation for the rest of the year:

Drs. Phil and Leslie Kidd have given their lives to cross this great nation allowing Dr. Kidd to reach many souls for the cause of Christ.

His ministry has extended into tent revivals, camp meetings, church revivals, and youth camps all across The United States and other countries.

Dr. Kidd is well known for his uncompromising stand against sin as well as his great love to reach the lost world with The Gospel.

Buildings everywhere overflow with crowds that drive long distances to hear this man of God thunder God’s Word.

His labor has not been without persecution and misunderstandings. Yet after all of these years he still presses on with a desire to be faithful to his Wonderful Saviour.

Take a listen below for a sample of Pastor Phil.

I’m not sure why he’s so out of breath at the beginning of the clip.

And I’m not sure that making fun of how Muslims smell or calling a TSA agent a “pedophile faggot” is all that “Christian.”

And since when do you strip down to your “panties” to go through security at an airport?

But apparently this sells on the Baptist circuit…?

(h/t JMG)