Parody: Randy Rainbow Croons Grease-Tastic “Andy!”

Parody: Randy Rainbow Croons Grease-Tastic “Andy!”

Political satirist Randy Rainbow offers this Grease-tastic take on Danny Zuko’s “Sandy,” as the wily wordsmith croons his love for “Andy!” as in New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has been a steadying force during the ongoing health crisis.

Baby, someday, when COVID’s not a thing
If we’re on Earth, for what it’s worth
I hope they make you king.
You run my state while I gain weight with grace and dignity
Oh please, be my dad
Oh, Andy

Over the bridge, Rainbow professes:

“Andy my darling, this global pandemic is scaring me real bad. But watching your daily press briefings sure does calm me down.

“The way you manage to lead and inform without terrifying the living sh*t out of me or straying from the facts. And still find time to nurture my delicate spirit with adorable slide shows and relatable anecdotes about meatballs.

“You’re wise, levelheaded, eloquent and sexy and a time when the world needs it most. It sure is a refreshing change from that mother— aw gee, I won’t get into specifics.”

Super clever, and perfect for a Monday.