OutMusic Awards 2012: Matt Zarley wins top honors

OutMusic Awards 2012: Matt Zarley wins top honors

Matt Zarley won Single of the Year and Album of the Year for his song “Change Begins With Me” and his album of the same name at the 2012 OutMusic Awards in Las Vegas.

Other notable award winners include Vicci Martinez (of The Voice) for Best Rock Song, Frenchie Davis (of The Voice, American Idol and Broadway) for Best Dance/Electonica and Jeffrey Straker for Video of the Year.

Here is a complete list of winners from the 2012 OutMusic Awards:

Album of the Year
Winner – Matt Zarley – “Change Begins With Me”

Single of the Year
Winner – Matt Zarley – “Change Begins With Me”

Best Pop Song
Winner – Todd Alsup – “The Only Thing”

Best Rock Song
Winner – Vicci Martinez – “Come Along” feat Cee Lo Green

Best R&B/Soul Song – (Tie)
Winner – Nhojj – “Live Your Life”
Winner – B Slade – “I’m Done” (feat. Yummy Bingham)

Best Dance/Electronica
Winner – Frenchie Davis – “Loves Got A Hold On Me”

Best Folk/Country
Winner – Antigone Rising – “Everywhere Is Home”

Best Alternative Song
Winner – Love Darling – “Let Go”

Best Hip-Hop/Rap Song
Winner – KIN4Life “It’s Over Now”

Video of the Year
Winner – Jeffery Straker – “Slings and Arrows”

Best Song On A Soundtrack/Instrumental
Winner – Mark Barnes – “Gabby’s Song” (A Tribute To Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords)

Best Jazz/Cabaret Song
Winner- Avi Wisnia – “Maoz Tsur (Rock of Ages)

Best Spiritual/Inspirational Song
Winner – Jason Walker – “I Am Changing”

Best Spoken Word
Winner – Red Summer – “Loose Woman”

Best International Song
Winner – Virago – “Love Over Fear”

Biello-Martin Love Song
Winner – Brett Every – “What A Beautiful Day”

Best Producer of the Year
Winner – Michael V. Doane – “Little Kid”

Best CD Cover Artwork
Winner – Rachael Sage – “Haunted By You”

Sonicbids Humanitarian Songwriter of the Year
Winner – Frankie Love “Now Is The Time”