Cameron Kasky To Attend State Of The Union Address

Cameron Kasky To Attend State Of The Union Address
Cameron Kasky at the March for Our Lives (screen capture)

The Washington Post reports one of the survivor activists from the mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida will attend this year’s State of the Union address next Tuesday as the guest of a Democratic congressman.

Rep. Eric Swalwell of California has invited activist Cameron Kasky to join him at the SOTU next week.

In the aftermath of the deadly shooting that left 17 dead, Kasky co-founded Never Again MSD, an advocacy group that lobbies for stricter gun laws. He also helped organize the March for Our Lives protest that took place in Washington, D.C. last March.

Kasky famously told CNN shortly after the shooting, “My message for the people in office is: You’re either with us or against us. We are losing our lives while the adults are playing around.”

Swalwell said in a statement he personally admires the “remarkable strength” Kasky has shown since the “unimaginable” shooting at Stoneman Douglas.

“He stands at the forefront of the fight for action to address gun violence,” said Swalwell. “I’m proud to have Cameron join me at the U.S. Capitol, nearly one year after he faced a horror no kid should endure at school, to continue this fight, because there is no right more important than the right to live.”

Swalwell has called for legislation banning military-style semiautomatic weapons. He is also reportedly considering a run for the White House in 2020.

Kasky joked on his Twitter that he would be running himself in 2020, co-opting Barack Obama’s campaign slogan a bit with #YesWeCam.