Out singer/songwriter Steve Grand on CNN

Openly gay singer/songwriter Steve Grand on CNN

Steve Grand appeared on CNN yesterday in what was his first big-time LIVE interview since the explosion of his “All-American Boy” video (almost 1.6 million views and counting).

I think Steve is just now starting to feel the impact of fame, interviews, the press and how quickly interviews go by. After the CNN interview, Steve posted this on his Facebook page making fun of what he called “nervous speech habits” after watching himself on TV:

ya know guys… I was thinking that…. ya know…. I just… ya know…. really love.. ya know… you all that continue to support me. ya know.. reading your comments always puts the biggest smile on my face. Thanks for…ya know…giving my life and my work a sense of purpose…. ya know ‪#‎yaknow‬

I say Steve gets a big pass on worrying about how he did. It’s all a learning curve, and at 23 (!) you get a break when everyone is noticing you all at the same time.

I’m really enjoying seeing ALL THIS unfold for Steve. What a ride!

And btw – in case you missed it, here’s his big, viral video, and here’s where you can buy his song.

Go support, kids!