Out Music: Sylas Dean ‘Real’

Out singer/songwriter Sylas Dean
Out singer/songwriter Sylas Dean (photo: Bryce Studios)

Out singer/songwriter Sylas Dean drops his new single, “Real,” following the debut of his EP American Dreeming.

“Real” explores the halfway point between fantasy and reality as a relationship falls apart and one questions sincerity. A combination of synth-wave and cyberpunk, the electro-pop track alternates between urgent, vibrant baseline beats and airy, ethereal soundscapes.

Originally from a small town on the east coast, Dean drove across the country with hundreds of songs written to reinvent himself as “Sylas Dean.”

Armed with a dance driven sound accompanied with colorful club kid imagery, Sylas is fully ingrained in the fantasy of a cyberpunk heartthrob in all of the electric vibrancy we could ask for.

Hit play and bop along. You can follow Dean on Instagram here.