Out Music: Superfruit “Worth It (Perfect)”

Out Music: Superfruit “Worth It (Perfect)”
Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying – Superfruit

More colorful, pop-y goodness from Superfruit, the side gig for out Pentatonix members, Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying.

Following the release of “Imaginary Parties” and “Bad 4 Us,” the duo drops a third music video – “Worth It (Perfect)” – from their new EP, Future Friends (Part One).

The new single is a bright, synth-pop confection that matches the fun, feel-good video featuring teen dancers Kaycee Rice and Sage Rosen, who flip the switch on binary roles, dancing in gender-nonconforming costumes.

Grassi and Hoying, founding and current gay members of the 3-time Grammy Award-winning a cappella quintet Pentatonix, describe Superfruit’s musical approach as, “a little more gay-friendly and a lot more open, more sexual, more liberated.”

Watch the fun video below.

Out Music: Superfruit “Worth It (Perfect)”
Sage Rosen and Kaycee Rice