Out Music: Project Moses “He’s Not Staying”

Out Music: Project Moses “He’s Not Staying”
Project Moses (right) in his music video ‘He’s Not Staying’

The new single, “He’s Not Staying,” from out artist Project Moses, explores the quiet turmoil of living with mental illness.

The music video for the song, directed by Zach Adam (who also wrote and produced the track) was shot in on Fire Island during the quiet, cold weeks of November. Somber and reclusive, Project Moses says it was “the perfect setting for the dark subject matter of this single.”

The story-telling for the video is artful and delicate as the artist reflects on the pensive journey of the song. Project Moses’s evocative vocals are clear and sure, never veering to hyper-emotional, letting the listener take the ride for themselves.

Project Moses admits he was drawn to the song but had to do some self-exploration to understand his connection.

“It took me a while to recognize what was going on in my head and the reason why none of my relationships with friends, family, or lovers lasted,” explains the artist. Over the years, he came to grips with the rejection he felt from his family after revealing he was gay.

“For whatever reason, the feeling of abandonment cut deep into my heart,” he adds. “While my family and I are in a much better place today, the scars from our past remain.”

Out Music: Project Moses “He’s Not Staying”
Project Moses (promotional photo)

Scars aside, playing the track for his mom proved to be a cathartic moment for both mother and son.

“My mom cried when I played the song for her,” shares the handsome artist from his home in New York City. “It was the first time she realized how close I came to ending it all.”

But just as the song evolves from a gloomy, melancholy sound to a more progressive, light at the end of the tunnel vibe, Project Moses says that he too has “transformed.”

“He’s Not Staying,” from the upcoming album Better Man, is available now on all digital download sites.

Check out the moody, wistful music video below. Follow Project Moses on Instagram here.