Out Music: Matt Zarley “He Used To Be Mine”

Out singer/songwriter Matt Zarley’s new music video takes on Sara Bareilles’ masterwork, “She Used To Be Mine.”

As we all know, life is not neat, life is not a straight line.

The road may stretch out in front of us, but every now and then, we do glance at the rearview mirror:

He’s imperfect, but he tries
He is good, but he lies
He is hard on himself
He is broken and won’t ask for help
He is messy, but he’s kind
He is lonely most of the time
He is all of this mixed up and baked in a beautiful pie
He is gone, but he used to be mine

Matt Zarley

Coming from this introspective viewpoint, Zarley finds himself weighing some past decisions.

Zarley writes:

Before I started recording, I spent several really wonderful years doing theatre in New York. When I first heard this song, it reminded me of those experiences and how close I hold them to my heart.

I miss them.

I think any of us can relate to this song and it’s message. I think most of us have regrets to an extent. I know there are times when I reflect on my life and think to myself that this is not where I envisioned myself. Not to say that I am not grateful for my life… cuz I am.

But, if I could go back and have a do-over, there are definitely some things I would change.

There are days when I really miss the guy I used to be…he used to be mine.

The guitar-driven approach to the track, with a lovely yet pensive viola at just the right time, makes a perfect frame for Zarley’s muscular vocals.

The track is available on iTunes here. Hit play below.