Screen capture from 'ken&barbie'

Out Music: kate gill “ken&barbie”

Screen capture from 'ken&barbie'
kate gill is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter hailing from Queensland, Australia. She garnered a following on TikTok of over half a million followers from singing acoustic covers of pop songs including “A.M.” by One Direction, “The One That Got Away” by Katy Perry, and “Love Story” by Taylor Swift.

kate was inspired to write “ken&barbie” after hearing the story of how her best friend came out and struggled with his sexuality growing up. The original TikTok of kate singing the track has over 4M views to date and almost 30k original videos made.

You’ll note in the music video (over 123,000 views to date) the lyrics relating to the parents’ admonishments have a dull, grey background. But when kate sings the boy doesn’t have to explain himself, color returns to the screen.

Just a few remarks from the over-500 comments made on the YouTube page:

“This hurts so deeply because it’s so accurate I can’t”

“I’m bisexual and I am currently in love with a boy. But my parents are religious people and my dad is a pastor. It’s just hard knowing that they are homophobic. This song is literally breaking me apart, but I somehow find comfort in it. Thank you”

“I am straight and I have a lot of friends who are Bi. To be honest, this song hurts me. I can’t imagine the struggles they had to face ALONE because they had no one to actually listen and understand them. Y’all, chin up :(( You can do this!!”

“I’m subconsciously obsessed with this song”

“’17 years old feeling like a stranger at home’ damn that get me”

“I relate to this so much that it hurts, for about 9 years my mother has pushed being straight on me (I’ve not came out yet) she would always say that she wouldn’t hate us if we were gay but, she would be disappointed and cry asking what she did wrong. I work myself up to coming out to her and she ends up saying something weird about gay people and makes me take the decision back.”

Hit the play button and take a listen. You can download/stream “ken&barbie” here.
Cover art for kate gill's "ken&barbie"