Out Music: Jakk Fynn “Fire”

Transmasculine Latinx pop artist Jakk Fynn

Jakk Fynn, a transmasculine Latinx pop artist dedicated to redefining masculinity, dropped his latest single this week, “Fire.”

Unrequited love is the subject at hand in the pop/dance track.

“Oftentimes, queer individuals don’t feel wholly accepted, seen or loved for who they are,” says the artist. “When romantic feelings are so infrequently returned, this can exacerbate an already deeply internalized identity struggle.”

“Attraction and love are fairly involuntary,” adds Fynn. “Our central nervous system is a massive orchestration of electrical impulses that ‘fire.’”

Jakk, a descendant of Mexican immigrants, is committed to using pop music’s power to uplift audiences and challenge toxic social narratives, especially for audiences who don’t often see themselves fairly and accurately represented in mainstream culture.

His previous single, “Share the Seconds,” was released in 2018.

Transmasculine Latinx pop artist Jakk Fynn