Out Music: The Hound “Can’t Let You Go”

Check out “Can’t Let You Go”, the new music video from LA-based out musician John Constantine (aka The Hound).

The intimate video features Constantine and model Aram Giragos working their way through a bad breakup.

Speaking to HuffPost, Constantine had this to say about being an out artist in today’s music landscape:

“I think it’s still very difficult to be a gay musician. A lot of times in the mainstream market you are told to keep your queerness as an afterthought and market yourself in a heteronormative way, or risk being labeled as a parody or not taken seriously. Meanwhile your straight contemporaries can be as honest, intimate and sexual as they want to be without any hesitation of it hurting their career. So, I want to keep writing and performing without compromise, stay true to myself, and be queer AF without fear.”

Constantine goes on to admit the inspiration for “Can’t Let You Go” came from a personal heartbreak which he says “all led me to where I’m at now.”

Watch the video below: