Out Music: Gia Woods ‘HUNGRY’

Out Music: Gia Woods ‘HUNGRY’
Gia Woods (photo: Alex Michael Kennedy)

Out singer/songwriter Gia Woods’ latest single and music video – “HUNGRY” – is a powerful slice of seductive pulp fiction.

Woods has so much to say in so many ways, she plays three different characters to express it all: a diamond-clad dancer sliding down a stripper pole, a cheerleader wielding handcuffs and a baseball bat, and a chill homey hanging with her besties.

The grungey synth-pop sound pairs perfectly with Woods’ rebellious message of independence, empowerment, and instincts.

I had the chance to dive a little deeper into what brings the sultry Persian-born singer to this musical moment.

The Randy Report: “HUNGRY” is definitely edgy, violent and a ’take-no-prisoners’ kind of visual story. What was the inspiration for the song and/or video?

Gia Woods: People have a lot of opinions about every aspect of your career, especially in the entertainment industry! Obviously, there are some people who I want feedback from, but a lot of it is unsolicited and unnecessary. I was frustrated about it all one day, so I wrote this as sort of an “eff you” to unwanted opinions.

TRR: Is there a reaction or take-away you have in mind for listeners of “HUNGRY?”

GW: I just hope it inspires people to trust their intuition and to not be afraid to take risks because there’s no such thing as “living” if you’re always fearful or dependent on opinions — you’re better off when you trust your gut. And that’s with everything.

Out Music: Gia Woods ‘HUNGRY’

TRR: Lil Nas X just won a couple of Grammy Awards after having the longest run ever on the top of the Billboard chart. Are things getting better for LGBTQ music artists? What’s your experience?

GW: I think using one artist as the token for an entire community is kind of strange. Overall, we’re seeing more LGBTQ representation in music, but I don’t think Lil Nas X’s sexuality has anything to do with his accomplishments, nor should it. Talent should always come first, but I am very lucky to live in a time where the industry isn’t forcing artists to stay in the closet.

TRR: What do you do outside of music that contributes to your creativity?

GW: Every song of mine comes from personal experiences and that comes from spending time with my friends and family, so when I’m not doing music I’m spending time with them. And then I always somehow have something I want to write about.

TRR: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

GW: Don’t be afraid to be uncomfortable.

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