Out Music: Echo V “Rainbow”

Jay, Mike, Randy, Devin and Gama are ECHO V, five guys with distinct, echoing voices that combine to create one beautiful sound.  By all outward appearances, they seem to be the typical boyband with good looks, lush harmonies and killer choreography, but they have one important difference: they’re all gay.   Their debut single, “Rainbow,” reflects their decision to be out about their sexuality.  While it is a fun, high energy pop anthem with an explosive hook that will get listeners dancing and singing, it also has an important message.
(photo credit: Bernard Mesa)

Meet Echo V, America’s first all-openly gay boy band.

It’s totally apropos that since the band itself is a virtual rainbow, their first single is titled, “Rainbow,” a high-energy pop anthem that reflects their decision to be open about their sexuality. Check out Jay, Mike, Randy, Devin and Gama in their debut music video below.

 “Our hope is that the song inspires people to stand up and claim their truth, be happy with who they are and find comfort in the fact that they are not alone,” says Jay.

“Rainbow is about unapologetically owning your multifaceted-ness and realizing that you have to live for yourself. It’s a journey to self-discovery and the strength it takes to live life in the open, day in and out.”

The five were united by their management who were looking to build the next generation of boy band. At first, management didn’t know the group they had assembled were all gay. It was the guys that realized it after coming together. They and management decided to go with it.

 “At the end of the day we are musicians who take a great pride in the art we create,” Jay explains. “We want listeners to be proud of who they are and there is no other way for us to do that other than to be honest with who we are.”

Says Mike, “I hope listeners find something fresh in ECHO V. Something different.”

“Is it over zealous to hope they find the voice of a generation?” he questions, with a grin.

Check out the debut song “Rainbow” below, and head over to the official website for Echo V for more info.