Out Music: Bright Light Bright Light “Uh-Huh!”

Out Music: Bright Light Bright Light “Uh-Huh!”
Rod Thomas aka Bright Light Bright Light (image via Facebook)

Regular readers know I love me some Bright Light Bright Light.

Check out the third track – “Uh-Huh!” – from Bright Light Bright Light’s upcoming EP, Tough Love.

“With ‘Uh Huh!’ I wanted something much more fun and playful,” Thomas told Billboard. “It’s an upbeat, summery song about not overthinking.”

You’ve got some serious George Michael influence (in a good way), and some sassy horn blasts in just the right places.

Oh yeah, you’re gonna bounce. Get ready and hit play.

Tough Love comes out Sept. 21, coinciding with a performance at Manchester Pride and a U.K. and Europe tour.