Out Music: Brandyn Killz “Losin’ It”

Out artist and producer Brandyn Killz
Brandyn Killz (promo photo)

Out artist and producer Brandyn Killz recently dropped an upbeat new single written for a friend struggling with addiction titled, “Losin’ It.”

The track is an infectious dance anthem for anyone faced with a challenge.

“Losin’ It” is a fighter’s anthem,” shared Brandyn in a recent interview with SonicSmoothie. “It’s one of those songs you can use to encourage a friend or give yourself a boost. It’s an instant invite to dance your troubles away with me.

Describing his music as “electro-soulpop,” Brandyn views music as a form of release and escape; a place where he can be whoever he wants to be, and where he can invite his listeners to do the same, even if only for a moment.

A blend of pop and modern electro with echoes of 70s and 80s classics, the San Diego-based artist’s analog-meets-digital approach to music (fueled by 10 years of music production experience) results in catchy tunes that are “all electronic & dangerously pop.”

Intent on inducing feelings of empowerment and independence, Brandyn’s songs are about finding a positive headspace while dealing with complex emotions.

Check out “Losin’ It” below and follow him on social media here.