Out Music: Angel Baribeau ‘Wish We Were Older’

(screen capture from 'Wish We Were Older')
(screen capture from ‘Wish We Were Older’)

Queer, non-binary, Indigenous pop singer/songwriter Angel Baribeau – based in Cree Nation of Mistissini, Quebec – tells a tale of love and loss passed to the next generation in this, their newest video for “Wish We Were Older” — available now.

Depicting an elderly woman reminiscing with visual memories about her past, the snapshots weave through love and loss and illustrate an uplifting timeline of her life as a queer woman.

The pop track bursts with the exuberance of youthful impatience and yearning as Baribeau’s bright, upbeat vocals surge like a dopamine rush.

I want you, and I want you tonight
I’ll love you for the rest of my life
I can’t wait for the day to arrive
We all want to be younger but I wish we were older
I wish we were older

“This music video will be a recounting of a lifetime of true love between an elderly 2 spirit Indigenous couple,” director Patrick Shannon shares of the video’s scope. It shows “the challenges, the joy, the raising of a family in a community where that isn’t common. It’s somber, but beautiful — and a reminder that everyone can find love and bring beauty into this world.”

Out Music: Angel Baribeau ‘Wish We Were Older’
Angel Baribeau (photo: Sukhdev Benning)

“Working with an all-Indigenous cast for this video is an incredibly proud moment for me,” Baribeau continues. “I often talk about the importance of Indigenous and Queer representation, and this video is my hope for continuously providing that for Indigenous and Queer youth.”

“It’s important to see yourself in the world, and to have an image reflected back at you that accurately represents you,” says Baribeau. “To see that positive imagery is fundamental to a child; at least, it was to me.”

“If you don’t see yourself in the world, you might come to question whether your existence is valid,” Baribeau added. “I felt this way for many years while growing up and it was only when I saw more folks like me I realized it’s okay for me to take up space.”

For more info head over to Angel’s official website here.