Out Music: Aiden James “Colorblind”

Out Music: Aiden James “Colorblind”
Aiden James “Colorblind”

Wait until you see this gorgeous music video from Aiden James for his latest single, “Colorblind.”

Aiden recently told OUT, “People express love in different ways and I’ve assigned them to colors. Some people love in a fiery red and some a more nurturing yellow. But, when someone doesn’t feel the same way about you they can be colorblind to all the light you shine for them.”

Not only is the creative video fab to watch, the song is terrific.

With a strong banging piano and full, fat production this is wholesale, mainstream pop. Aiden’s vocals are in top form, and the full stop for vulnerability after the bridge is great before heading for the exit.

Totally up my alley. I’m feeling a serious contender for ‘Best of 2018’ here at The Randy Report.

Take a listen below. “Colorblind” is now available on digital download sites like iTunes.

Out Music: Aiden James “Colorblind”